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Hello. I’m excited to share my knowledge about business attorneys. My name is Randy Shrimps. I had to hire a business attorney upon receiving notice of a copyright violation for one of my products. Although I had the paperwork to prove that I created the product first, the case was still scheduled to appear in front of a judge. The business attorney professionally represented me to have the case dismissed. I want to dedicate this site to the exploration of services offered by business attorneys. I will talk about the benefits of having legal representation for business matters. Thank you.

Is Your PIP A Smokescreen For Your Employer’s Discrimination?

17 July 2023
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Despite all of the laws that mandate equal employment opportunities and fair treatment, some employers continue to discriminate against anybody that doesn't "fit the mold" of their ideal employee due to their age, gender, gender expression, race, skin color, disabilities, religion or numerous other factors.  Since employers know that discrimination is illegal, some of them get pretty clever about hiding their practices. One such method of deception is the misuse of performance improvement plans (PIPs). Read More …