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Exploring The Importance Of Hiring Business Attorneys

Hello. I’m excited to share my knowledge about business attorneys. My name is Randy Shrimps. I had to hire a business attorney upon receiving notice of a copyright violation for one of my products. Although I had the paperwork to prove that I created the product first, the case was still scheduled to appear in front of a judge. The business attorney professionally represented me to have the case dismissed. I want to dedicate this site to the exploration of services offered by business attorneys. I will talk about the benefits of having legal representation for business matters. Thank you.

Deciding Whether You Need A Lawyer In A Probate Case

24 June 2016
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When someone dies, you do not need to automatically hire a lawyer to help decide how to divvy up the deceased person's assets. Thus, you need to know what criteria to use to decide whether to hire a lawyer. Common or Unusual Assets One thing to look at is whether you are dividing up common assets such as a house, the balance in a bank account, and a life insurance policy. Read More …

Understanding The Importance Of Pre-Mediation Meetings For Family Business Mediation

22 June 2016
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If your family-owned business is struggling, then you may be considering family business mediation. A trained mediator can help you voice your problems and discover solutions while maintaining the health of both your personal and professional relationships. However, before you can begin mediation, the mediator will likely conduct several pre-mediation interviews with all parties who will be involved in the mediation as well as other co-workers. Understanding the purpose of these pre-mediation meetings will help you provide relevant information and prepare for mediation yourself. Read More …

Knowing When Your Business Needs Legal Help

13 June 2016
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You've got some stability in your small business now and are considering expanding into different markets and geographic areas. Now is the time, in your growth planning phase, to find legal counsel to support you. Specialty attorneys will help you experience a smoother expansion. Here are a few areas where you'll benefit from working with an attorney as your small business grows.  Human Resources As you expand geographically, you may take on staff that works in different countries. Read More …

Small Businesses And Brokering A Deal: What You Can/Can’t Do And How A Business Lawyer Can Help

29 May 2016
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When you are the owner and operator of a small business, your legal concerns may not be as big until your business has grown enough to begin brokering deals. Now you have entered new territory, and you want to be sure everything is on the up and up. If the buyer sitting across the table from you has a business lawyer, it may be a good idea for you to get one of your own. Read More …